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  • Why might I need a Personal Trainer?
    Qualified and accredited Personal Trainers are trusted and knowledgeable professionals in the fitness industry that will allow you to gain maximum results to achieve your goals in a safe yet effective way. This is achieved through their extensive understanding of the human anatomy, how it functions and moves as well as knowing how to work it in a way that will get you to where you want to be without wasting time and effort on trial and error.
  • How will personal training help me?
    During your time with Sammy, you will gain a much greater understanding of your own body and how it works, corrections you can make in your posture and technique, your current abilities and strength as well as your limitations. Sammy will ensure that you are continuously yet gradually progressing each and every time to keep pushing you one step closer to your ultimate goal.
  • Where will we be training?
    Training will be held in a private gym studio in Putney, South West London, which is fully equipped with a huge range of equipment, from free weights such as dumbbells (starting from 2.5kg all the way to 50kg), barbells, kettlebells etc. to cable machines and other equipment. As this is a private gym space, it means there will be no queueing up and waiting around to use machines and equipment or being in a crowded environment. You will be getting your training done in privacy with very few people around and less distractions no matter what time of day it is, meaning we can focus purely on your training and getting you the results you want!
  • What days can I train with you?
    Training sessions will be at a convenient time around your schedule from Monday to Saturday. This will be discussed and arranged with Sammy based on how many sessions per week you sign up for and time slot availability.
  • I don't have any experience in exercising or the gym. Is this right for me?
    Yes absolutely. Sammy has worked with a huge range of clients of difference ages and fitness levels. The purpose behind the training is to start at which ever fitness and strength level you are currently at and ensure there is gradual yet constant progression.
  • How much does training with you cost?
    Please refer to the 'One-to-one Personal Training' page for more information on prices and packages.
  • What should I bring with me to our sessions?
    Any form of gym/sports clothing should be good. Usually people come to their training sessions wearing comfortable and stretchy clothing to allow freedom of movement during their exercises. Most men like to wear a sports t-shirt with jogging bottoms or shorts, and women usually come wearing a sports top or sports bra with leggings or shorts. Always ensure you come to training with comfortable trainers. You may also want to bring a bottle of water with you. There is a water dispenser on site too if you would like to refill your bottle.
  • How do you keep track of my progress?
    During the training sessions, Sammy will be keeping track of all the weights used for each exercise as well as the number of reps completed for each set. This is then saved and uploaded on to the Training App which you will have access to from day one and be able to view all the data that has been written in. As well as this, you will be taken through a short meeting every 4 weeks to make any adjustments to nutritional goals that were agreed upon, change the exercise plan if needed, and take the monthly progress pictures from the front, side and back (all of which will be accessible via the Training App for you).
  • How do we keep track of how many sessions I've completed?
    All sessions are logged on the Training App that will be used. Here we will keep track of all the sessions completed via the app's calendar. Both you and your trainer will have access to this information only.
  • What happens to my sessions if I'm going away on holiday or a work trip?
    Please just let Sammy know in advance by phone call or message as soon as you are made aware of this. You may need to provide a proof of ticket purchase to confirm. Your sessions will then be frozen until you arrive back in the country.
  • What if I can't make it to one of my pre-booked sessions?
    That's no problem, sometimes things come up and we have to adjust plans accordingly when they do. Just ensure that you either call or message Sammy at least 24 hours before the start of the session to let him know you would like to cancel or rearrange the session time. If the cancellation is done in less than 24 hours from the pre-booked time then you may still be charged for that session.
  • Is there any paperwork I need to read through or sign before we get started?
    Before training begins, you will be given a short contract to read through which will show how many sessions you have purchased, the full price and the terms and conditions of taking up personal training sessions with Samsta Fitness. As well as this, you will just be required to complete and sign a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) which will be for Sammy to get an idea of any medical issues, injuries, illnesses or anything else which may affect the participation in physical activity or require a particular exercise plan which avoids or requires certain exercises.
  • What if my gym doesn't have the machine/equipment that you prescribed to me in my workout plan?
    No problem at all, just drop us an email or contact Sammy via the direct message feature on the app and he will happily swap that particular exercise with another one.
  • What if I don't know how to perform an exercise correctly from the workout plan you prescribed to me?
    Every exercise has a detailed video along with a description with it where you will be shown step by step how to perform the exercise with the correct technique which is done in the most effective way to work that particular muscle and avoid any short term or long term injuries. If the exercise still just isn't working for you, then simply drop us an email or contact Sammy via the direct messaging feature on the app and he will happily swap it out for another exercise.
  • Can I contact you if I do not understand something on my workout plan?
    Yes, absolutely. In fact we encourage you to contact Sammy right away if there's anything you do not understand in your workout or meal plans. You can contact him via email or directly via the messaging feature in the mobile app.
  • What if I want to change an exercise in my workout plan or the number of days I train per week?
    Then that is absolutely fine. Just either send us a direct message via the app or contact us by email letting us know what you would like changed. We will happily change it either right away or for your next month's plan (depending on what it is that needs changing and when you would like it changed for).
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