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In-Person 1:1 & 2:1 Personal Training

1 to 1 and 2 to 1 personal training

(More information below)

1 hour sessions

Sammy is based mainly in a private gym studio with various equipment and machines in Fulham, London (UK). What you get is a bespoke science-based approach to training designed to work the body the way it was meant to move and function to achieve maximum results. This personal training program is proven to be highly effective and totally tailored to your own individual goals, lifestyle, health conditions, injuries, and current fitness.


You can either be an absolute beginner to exercise looking to get in to shape and improve your overall fitness, or experienced in exercise and fitness but just need some guidance, motivation, structure or someone to hold you accountable for what you do and help push you further to the next level.

We will be working together during our training sessions using various techniques such as; resistance training, cardio exercises,  strength training, various speed, agility, and balance drills, stretching, and mobility work, depending on your main goals.

The training is designed to be progressive and challenging so that you are constantly forcing your body to adapt then improving from the previous session. This will ensure you get stronger, leaner, fitter, and more flexible.

As well as this personalised training program, you will also be getting nutritional advice on what food you should or should not be eating, and how much calories from proteins, carbs and fats you should be consuming per meal and your total amount daily. We will create a nutritional goal specifically for you to follow and use methods to ensure you stick to this in order to gain the maximum benefits from your training.

With my full commitment to helping you achieve your goals as well as your own commitment to it, I can guarantee you will see great results that you'll 100% be pleased with.


Workout Progams
(Updated every 4 weeks)

training program while training2.png

All workout programs are 100% personalised and designed specifically for you depending on your own individual goals, weight, body type, lifestyle, current abilities, and limitations/injuries.

Sammy will be logging all your weights and reps for each set of exercise directly via an app (which you will gain access to also) so that we are able to track your progress over time and ensure you are moving in the right direction.

Training program iPhone.png
Samsta Fitness workout plan in app

Nutrition Plans
(Discussed every 4 weeks)

Samsta Fitness client meal plan example

All nutrition plans are also 100% personalised to you according to your preferences and lifestyle which we will discuss during an initial consultation.


Once I have collected this information, I will create your nutrition plan with all the calories and macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) calculated perfectly according to your specific goal, weight, height, sex, body type and current activity level.

By collecting this information from you it ensures you are not only consuming calories and macronutrients that fit around your daily schedule, but also that you enjoy eating the meals you love with the correct portions which means you are more likely to stick to the plan to gain the maximum benefits from it and allows faster and lasting results!

Checking up message direct message.png
Welcome message direct message.png

Same Day Instant Support

There is an in-app instant messaging software which is linked directly to Sammy so that you can get quick and instant replies to your queries.

This in-app instant messaging software will also be used to communicate with you and make sure you are happy with your workout and nutrition plan, if you need to change anything, remind you to input nutritional data or to stay on track with your meals, or even just to wish you a happy birthday!


Monthly packages: £65 per session

  • 4 sessions (1x per week) - £260

  • 8 sessions (2x per week) - £520

  • 12 sessions (3x per week) - £780

  • 16 sessions (4x per week) - £1040

  • 20 sessions (5x per week) - £1300

  • 24 sessions (6x per week) - £1560

Single sessions:

  • 1 session - £70

Partner sessions (2 people together):

Same prices as above + 50%

  • £48.75 per person on monthly packages

  • £52.50 per person on single sessions

Get in touch using the button below to book in your FREE consultation or find out additional information.

Arrange a FREE consultation

Please get in touch to book your consultation with Sammy at the first available date and time. This consultation is free of charge but is vital for understanding your exact fitness goals, setting a nutritional goal for you, and knowing about any injuries, illnesses or discomforts you may have which will affect your training. Consultations can be carried out either in person or via a zoom video call.

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